What’s biting in the Florida Keys December 2018

What’s biting in the Florida Keys 

December 2018

Fishing in the Florida Keys during the winter months is nothing short of fantastic. 

There is such an amazing variety of every type of fishing. 

Whether its offshore fishing for Mahi, tuna and wahoo, the reef for snapper, grouper, yellowtail, kingfish, yellowjacks or mutton and bridge fishing for snapper, yellowtail, jacks, groupers and Gulf fishing for trout, cobia, snapper, grouper and kingfish it’s a great mixed bag of plenty of fish and non stop fishing action. 

The last couple of weeks we fished offshore, the reef, backcountry and the bridges. 

We used top water plugs for cobia, Pinfish for big snapper and grouper. Cut bait and shrimp guarantee fish in the box. 

When the weather is less than perfect, bridge fishing is the first choice. Fishing the bridges produces a huge variety of fish. You never know what you’re going to catch. 

Yellowtail, mutton, mangrove, yellow jacks, groupers, jacks. We fished an hour at Bahia Honda Bridge and caught a nice assortment of table fare. 

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Hope to get you out on the water soon. 

Happy holidays to you from Boneafide Charters in the Florida Keys. 

Tight lines, 

Captain Jason & first Mate Debi Gabriel 

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What’s biting in the Florida Keys 
December 2018

What’s biting in the Florida Keys December 2018

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Whats biting in the Florida Keys. We are a non stop  fishing factory down here in the Florida Keys.